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7000 Years of the Great Controversy




*  If you just add up the 6 months period from 14/15 of Nisan to the 14/15 of Tishri and Feast of Booths/Jubilee it equals 6,155/56 years (1657 Adam to Flood, 857 Patriarchs, 1661 years to end of covenant 1810 to Day of Atonement and 170 to beginning of Jubilee).   The total for the pattern given in a 6 month period of time would be 6000 years at 1000 years per month leaving a difference of 155 years.   The 6000 + years are the "anty-type" of the Sanctuary year of 6 months and a grander model for the 6 days of creation week.  So let us solve for the extra 155/56 years...155/56 divided by 33.898 = 4.57/60 anti-type year’s difference.  Let’s divide that by 1.41 years (anti-type 1 hour) and we get 3.26 years.  Now if you have read the guide dealing with the "flood and the cross" you will see the same math.  It's identical in that it points straight at the cross!  Christ died 3.5 years before the end of the covenant with the Jewish nation (34AD) and apx 2-3 hours or so before sunset of that same day. 

Please remember that our God is not a "square" god.  He works with the nature that He created.  One day is from sunrise to sunset and each day is slightly different in that time period.  The sun sets later in the spring than in the fall and the time it would set at Passover would be different than the time it would set at the Feast of Weeks or Day of Atonement in the fall.  Thus the slight variations in time are not absolute "square" as it were; it works with the laws that govern our planet and solar system.   (Let us also remember that the monthly cycle is not an absolute but follows the cycle of the full moon which varies from month to month thus setting an absolute 1000 years per month would also not fit nature and God is the Lord of Nature.)

This has been the last (so far) of the little "hooks" to hang our doubts on that I have encountered in this study.  I have prayed much over this and just this morning while in prayer it came to me.   Looking to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our Faith.  He has all the answers.  I am sure that there is much to be confused over in this study,  I am no scholar as I am sure is evident but He has this study in His hands and therefore it will accomplish His purpose.  If you are having trouble understanding or have difficulty with the time frames please don't give up on it but PRAY for His leading.  I know He will answer your prayers because it is all about HIM!




7000Years of the Great Controversy Diagram A (PDF)6000+Years of the Great Controversy Diagram B (PDF)