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Study Guide

Key to this study guide:

Let the words of Scripture speak for themselves. 

Green text are Author's Notes

Orange text signifies sanctuary related and feasts, first fruits came in the summer harvest feast and oil and wine later in the fall feasts.

Blue text points to the heavenly sanctuary, “Throne Room” & “Lamb” or deals with earth’s history.

Except for a few quotes from contemporary writers the main body of the study is Bible and Bible only.

There are charts, PowerPoint presentations and Videos to go along with this study. Visit the Links page for a complete listing of these companion materials.

Within the Study Guide, you may click on the charts for a PDF version of that chart. You will also find links to relevant materials at the bottom of each study guide page.

For your convenience, use this link to download the complete 'Start to Finish' study guide in PDF format. You may also print and share this document.

Updated contents:

  • Please Note that under the guide "Jubilee" there have been some changes as compared to the YouTube presentation regarding the "Year"
  • There has been a recalculation due to error in crossing from BC to AD and under the study guide it has been corrected.
  • Also there have been additional material added under "7000 Years of the Great Controversy" so please take note.

Index to Study Guide: