Meeting the Lamb

The Key to unlocking Anti-types


On the following pages you will see that in each of Gods’ covenants with His people they have a sanctuary beginning.  The Very First Covenant begins with Passover and ends with the feast of First Fruits. The Old Covenant begins with the Passover from Egypt and also ends with the feast of First Fruits. The New covenant however begins at the Cross (Passover & feast of First Fruits) or (Pentecost) and extends through the Day of Atonement to the end of earths history. It is the only one that completes the picture!  We find the Cross in the Passover feasts at the beginning, we find the Cross in the middle at the feast of First Fruits and again we find the Cross at the end; Atonement at the beginning and atonement at the end for it is the Lamb through out all of earths’ history. It is the Lamb from the beginning and the Lamb at the end. The Lamb is our only hope of salvation through out all of earth’s history it is the Lamb.

It is also interesting to note concerning the Day of Atonement that this feast begins counting from the “Wave Sheaf”, 16th Nissan and reaches to the Day of Atonement. Consider the wave sheaf; Israel left Egypt; Israel left Babylon; Christ risen, first fruits from death. The first Israel of Egypt built a tent in the wilderness….the next rebuilt the temple in Jerusalem, and the 3rd restored man’s relationship to God. After 49 anti-type days (1661 years) Jesus was nailed to the cross. After 490 years Jesus was nailed to the cross. Only the 2nd attempt (Babylon Israel) not only encompasses the cross it goes beyond to Atonement; completing forgiveness in the new covenant. It is so beautiful!

Jesus, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

But when the time had fully come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law,

so that we might receive adoption as sons. Galatians 4:4-5

  • The lamb was not more than one year old when sacrificed.
  • Without blemish (no sin = unleavened) Took our sins (leavened = First Fruits/Feast of Weeks; as the serpent in wilderness was lifted up so He was lifted up)
  • One Jewish sanctuary day = 33.898 anti-type years
  • Jesus was at least 30 when baptized; Num. 4:3, 35 & Luke 3:23; his ministry was 3.5 years making him at the least 33.5 at the cross or 33.898.

Remember...That one day type only happens once in a year and Jesus only died once. One type = One anti-type. On the 14th Abib that one day, the lamb was “of a year old” (Anti-type pattern of the sanctuary is "one" sanctuary year, and that one day represents the entire year, it is the "door" into the sanctuary; thus 1 year and on that "day" Jesus was at least 33.5...33.898 anti-type; Numbers 14:34 a day for a year)