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The Flood and The Cross Comparison



We will multiply 49 days times 33.898 (one anti-type day) to equal 1661 years. Let’s see how this fits history. If one adds up the years between Adams fall and the flood you have 1657 years, just 4 (depending on the time of year it could have been less) years shy of 1661. Jesus died on cross AD 31 and the gospel went to the gentiles AD 34.  So the flood took place 3.5 years or so before the end of the “day” and the cross took place 3.5 years before the end of the “day” or the "covenant".   If you divide 24 (hours per day) into 33.898 you get 1.41 years (anti-type) per hour of the day and Christ didn’t die at sunset because he was in the tomb before the Sabbath began.  He died on the cross well before sunset (end of covenant would be at the end of the "day" at 34AD).   So with the flood, the covenant ended at the tower of Babel when the languages were confused and mankind was scattered over all the earth, so with the cross (gospel to gentiles "unto the ends of the earth") they both point directly at His death for our sins and the requirements of the law fulfilled.  It fits just right and points right at the cross!

The Flood and The Cross Comparison Diagram (PDF)